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Winning the Game of Business VIP by John Assaraf Sales Page

Winning the Game of Business VIP by John Assaraf Sales Page


Winning the Game of Business VIP by John Assaraf download

Winning the Game of Business VIP by John Assaraf download

Winning the Game of Business VIP by John Assaraf torrent

Winning the Game of Business VIP by John Assaraf torrent

Winning the Game of Business VIP by John Assaraf buy

Winning the Game of Business VIP by John Assaraf buy

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​INSTANT ACCESS TODAY From The Comfort Of Your Own HomeGet a Proven “3 Step Business Acceleration System” toGrow Your Revenue & Profits Faster and Easier thanEver Before (even if everything else you’ve tried has failed!)Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! (Please Wait For Video To Fully Load)GET WINNING THE GAME OF BUSINESS >>(SAVE 80% OFF TODAY!)Here’s An Overview Of EVERYTHINGYou’ll Get When You JoinWinning The Game Of BusinessTHE NEUROSCIENCE OF PREDICTABLEBUSINESS GROWTH TRAINING($5,000 VALUE)Your business requires a strong foundation. On Level 1 John provides you with a step-by-step roadmap to follow to build your “inner game” and dream business.On Level 2, you’ll map out your end-to-end sales process from Banner to – with the Neuro-Marketing tips that get you Rapid buyers saying YES!On Level 3, you’ll get expert training on how to streamline & scale your business – with a “Done for You” action plan to get you to 6 or 7 figures in 100 days.LEVEL 1:FOUNDATIONMODULE 1Winning The “Inner Game” of BusinessJohn shows you how to master the most important aspect of business: Your business mindset. Job #1 for unstoppable business success.MODULE 2Vision, Mission, & GoalsJohn helps you create a powerful vision for your future with clear, “stretch” business goals. In times of chaos, there are certain Winners & Losers. John will ensure you are on the right side.MODULE 3“Ideal Client” Profile WorkshopYou’ll re-define who your “ideal client” is, then discover a process to map out their pains, wants, frustrations & aspirations (at the deepest level). This is how the Psychology of Influence and Neuro-Marketing transform your business.MODULE 4Unique Selling PropositionJohn reveals how to escape the ‘sea of sameness’ in your marketing so customers buy from YOU (and not your competition).MODULE 5“Neuro-Marketing” & “Neuro-Sales”John gives you the keys to integrating Neuro-Marketing & Neuro-Sales into your messaging. Hint: It involves using the the Law of Attraction to magnetically attract huge floods of leads & sales.MODULE 66 Hats Of Breakthrough Business SuccessDiscover how to conquer confusion with this powerful decision-influencing technique to expand your business and pump up profits.John, your program absolutely works! I followed the principles you teach and immediately achieved the success I desired and believed I could achieve: $1 million increase to my net worth in less than one month! Thanks so much for helping me re-focus, re-charge the will to succeed, and for supplying me with the tools to do so in one week! This is the best program I’ve ever seen!”Scott E.Winning The Game of BusinessJoin TODAY and get 80% OFF!GET IT NOW“I didn’t know anything about running a business and I was extremely overwhelmed. Now I have over 50 clients already! Just a few months after starting.”Simcha PeretzLEVEL 2:IMPLEMENTATIONMODULE 1Developing Your End-to-End Sales SystemJohn reveals how to map out your end-to-end sales process from Banner to Buyer – with a proven framework of easy-to-follow steps that take you from Open to Close. Worth the price of admission alone.MODULE 2Creating Your “Irresistible Offer”You’ll finally crack the code on creating an offer that customers can’t refuse. This workshop takes you through John’s foolproof strategy for converting “Browsers” into Rabid Buyers & Lifetime Clients.MODULE 3Content StrategyJohn hands you the keys Social Media growth with his content marketing ‘secret sauce” recipe. The one he used to attract over 1,000,000 followers. You can “steal” his blueprint!MODULE 4On-Camera Confidence TrainingHave you ever felt a sense of panic when hitting the record button when going LIVE? John teaches you how to win over an audience, create instant rapport & build a tribe of fans who crave your content.MODULE 5Marketing Hot Buttons & Dopamine TriggersThis one is top secret. Let’s just say it involves using ‘Emotional Hot Buttons’ & ‘Dopamine Triggers’ that cause people to BUY immediately…even if they’ve never heard of you or your product/service before!This gave me clarity and drive to 10X my efforts and realize more of my potential. ISpending time with John, learning from examples and how Neurugym does business. Specific solutions and neuromarketing was my favorite.Tal SaridWinning The Game of BusinessJoin TODAY and get 80% OFF!GET IT NOW“The business knowledge and strategies, as I mentioned are phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal.”Jacquie BranaganLEVEL 3:OPTIMIZATIONMODULE 1Optimize Your Money Making Marketing MachineCreate an optimized lead generation plan with proven* tactics to ensure you get powerful ROI from your marketing efforts. Optimize your entire marketing sequence to BOOST your leads, sales & profits.MODULE 2S.T.T.T.R. WorkshopThe guaranteed formula to go from just setting business goals to actually achieving them. The S.T.T.T.R. Method uses the latest neuroscience research to reprogram your brain for massive success.MODULE 3Your 100 Day Action PlanGet John’s 100 Day Action Plan that he has used to build and sell 5 multi-million dollar companies. This plan is practical, measurable, and goal-focused for you and your entire team.MODULE 4The G.O.P.A. MethodRediscover the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for yourself – by tapping into your subconscious and connecting your goals & dreams to your outcomes using cutting-edge visualization techniques. Note: John only teaches this to his $35K a day private clients.MODULE 5Automation Tools, Tips & TechnologyIf you desire higher revenue and faster growth at a lower cost… this is for you. John takes you behind the scenes and shows you the tools he uses to automate workflows so you increase operational efficiency and grow revenue & profits faster than ever before.I have attended many, many events and I’ve always gleaned information that I can put into action–some events more than others. But without a doubt, this event surpassed anything I have ever experienced it was unequivocally the best event I’ve ever attended! I came home transformed and ready for action. The results are now visible in my bottom line and my expectations were exceeded.”Jeanne H.Winning The Game of BusinessJoin TODAY and get 80% OFF!GET IT NOW“After more than a decade in private psychiatry practice, this program finally provided the ‘missing link’ for me to effect much faster change in my patients–and myself! It was like I had been driving around in a Pinto and John gave me a Lamborghini.”Dr. Louis B. CadyGET INSTANT ACCESS – ORDER NOWJoin John Assaraf for theWinning The Game of BusinessGET WINNING THE GAME OFBUSINESS >>Real People. Real Results.“I went from struggling to generate $5K a month to now generating $700K A MONTH! The biggest change for me was getting my mindset right. And programming my brain for success with John.”Mark Lack“Our lead conversion on the phone went from 19% to 72%! I get 5X more ideal clients a month, which means : £100000 more a month! Amazing! So this year, I can buy a nice house and I achieved ALL goals set out last June. Thanks again!”Dr. Ole BehrensEverything is falling into place…“I bought your program as I was ready to go to the next level and frankly, was finding it difficult to get to that level without help….I was struggling.Now I really feel like a different person…I’ve gained the knowledge and expertise to really grow our business. I’m really starting to see that everything is falling into place. Our ideal clients are starting to call us, the right employees are answering our ads. It’s unbelievable.”Rose WindfeldHome RenovationsGET WINNING THE GAME OFBUSINESS >>($997 Value)Winning the Game of Business9-Level Brain Re-training SystemDiscover the Hidden Secrets John Assaraf has Used to Build a $4.5 BILLION Business, Master His Business Mindset, & Write 2 New York Times Bestsellers.URGENT NOTICE: These evidence-based methods have worked for over 100,000 ofour unique members from every industry imaginable.WITH WINNING THE GAME OF BUSINESS, YOU WILL:    Prime your brain for powerful business success with the cutting-edge business and mindset strategies    Develop Unstoppable Confidence and the Beliefs, Habits, & Strategies To Quickly Grow Your Dream Business    Activate the “Genius” part of your brain so you act with the certainty and clarity of a Multi-Mllionaire Business Owner & Leader    Unlock the formula to break free from limiting beliefs, destructive mindset habits, and sabotaging business behaviors    Harness the awesome power of “Automaticity” – where you become so effective and so efficient, that you can run 70% of your business on AUTOPILOT.    Get more from every dollar you spend on marketing so you acquire more leads, make more sales, and increase your ROI (while operating with less stress and more freedom than you have now)You gave the neuroscience part of the training that I could marry with the training I had from others. When you understand the neuroscience of mindset, it makes such a huge difference at how I approach projects, training, and coachingGlen BoudreauxWinning The Game of BusinessJoin TODAY and get 80% OFF!GET IT NOW($1500 Value)BONUS #1THE AUTOMATIC SALES MACHINEDiscover how to position yourself asTHE go-to expert to solve your market’s problems…….while pre-selling people on doing business with you (this is huge).The Automatic Sales Machine 6-Part Sales SystemThe Automatic Sales Machine is going to show you exactly how to:    Create automated systems that run your business    Automatically make more sales    Enjoy more profits    Enjoy more time off    Enjoy more freedom.Each lesson in this six part training series is simple… but if you follow each step, you’ll be on your way to creating a predictable, scalable, revenue-generating SALES MACHINE for your business that works for you…even while you’re sleeping.Right now, if you’re lucky…only about 1% (or less) of people who visit your website or see your ad for the 1st time will actually buy from you on the spot. And that’s only if your site or ad is optimized for conversions.The rest of these prospects will end up leaving you without giving you their money. And if you’re spending money on ads…all those wasted impressions can get expensive (very expensive).Market research shows that 80% of buyers actually buy after their 5th-12th contact with your business.So basically… if you don’t have a way to follow up with your customers… you’re automatically losing 99% of your potential customers right off the bat.(How long can you afford to keep losing that many potential customers before your business dies?)If you’re going to run a successful business – one that actually turns a profit and gives you the lifestyle you want – you’re going to need to find a way to convert the other 99% of people who aren’t ready to buy right away. The Automatic Sales Machine is the answer.WIN OF THE WEEKI thought I would share some good news.In May I added my income figure in the blueprint which I included bounce back load finance as it was still money in. It gave me $145,000 totalI did this to help train my brain to see this figure as income in (regardless if some has to be paid back)Anyway this month I just filled out July total and I am pleased to say I have had my first 6 figure month of money in that does NOT include any load money that needs paid back  ….. $125kBOOM Thanks John Assaraf I feel I am breaking through limiting beliefs around money after we talked about this one on our calls Caroline SandersonWinning The Game of BusinessJoin TODAY and get 80% OFF!GET IT NOW($2500 Value)BONUS #2JOHN’S PROVEN FACEBOOK ADVERTISING SECRETSDiscover a powerful and reliable system forScaling leads & sales usingan easy to set upFacebook Ads CampaignHey! It’s John here…During a time of unprecendented uncertainty, I want you to have certainty. So I created this program to give you more predictability in your life…and in your business.Where there is uncertainty, there is panic. Where there is panic, there is failure. And I’m not going to let that happen to you.Imagine this for a moment. Imagine how many MORE people could you help, how many MORE lives could you change…if you were just able to understand and profitably use Facebook Ads to reach your “Ideal Client Profile?”I developed my Facebook Ads Master Training so you don’t have to imagine anymore. So you could have more certainty in your ability to reach the people who need your product the most – using a method of traffic I’ve been perfecting over the past 8 years.I can’t wait to share it with you.In this bonus training to Winning The Game Of Business I’ll show you how I turn on and scale up profitable Facebook ad campaigns. I’ll show you a proven process to get more clients, more revenue, and help more people.My income doubled as a direct result…You will be blown away!“John’s program made a huge difference in my life. My income doubled as a direct result…You will be blown away by how detailed and precise it is and how well it will help you break free and achieve your goals and dreams.”Ken D. FosterLife and Business CoachI love your presentation. The sheer variety of different speakers, but most of all I like the laser sharp Q and A sessions where you get to know the other students better. After your course we set up a mastermind group to discuss our goals, wins and where we can ask for help and ideas. We meet weekly.Simcha PeretzGET IT NOW >>($1000 Value)BONUS #3JOHN ASSARAF’S’HILL METHOD’ OF SELLINGThis is the most effective “Neuro-Sales” method ever developed. Period.We’ve all hear that the “world has changed.” So how do you catch up?You need the new strategies and tools that are WORKING right now, because you can’t afford to wait around. You’re tired of leaving thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.—> Let me introduce you to the “Hill Method” of selling.(It’s the foundation of the sales process I’ve used to build 5 multi-million dollar companies and run a $4.5B sales team.)Here’s why that matters:It’s one thing to make a few sales here and there, but it’s entirely another thing to be given a fail-safe system that delivers predictable, profitable results time and time and time again.Old-school, Pre-COVID sales techniques don’t cut it anymore in today’s challenging and competitive business space. Customers are more educated and aware than ever and have many options available to them. And most of all, they hate being sold to.I’m going to teach you something I have previously reserved for only my $30,000 per day private clients, my Neuro-Sales ‘HILL METHOD’ that puts your customers quickly into coherence so that they buy from you instead of your competition.So you get unstuck, stop leaving money on the table, and get the business growth you deserve.It was a HUGE decision at the time where to put my limited resources but so glad that I took that leap of faith and did. I gained the business knowledge and strategies… the help to get clarity on where I was and where I wanted to be along with John’s personable, insightful and expert mentorship..thank you.Jacquie BranaganWinning The Game of BusinessJoin TODAY and get 80% OFF!GET IT NOWWTGB VIP EliteYou’ll Get Everything Included Above PLUSThese Exclusive Bonuses When You PurchaseThe VIP ELITE Version Of The Program($5000 Value)VIP ELITE (ONLY)100 DAYS LIVE COACHINGLASER ACCOUNTABILITY, EXPERT COACHING,LIVE Q&A, & COMMUNITY WITH JOHN ASSARAFThe “Fast Track” to Business GrowthWith LIVE Q&A Sessions Where You Will Ask Questions, Get Real-Time Feedback & Proven Solutions to Overcome ANY Business ChallengeHere’s what’s included:    The most POWERFUL evidence-based methods to re-train your brain to make more money in chaotic times, so you ensure your business not only survives but thrives and prospers in any situation…    More personal attention – John will answer your questions, give you feedback, and take your hand to guide you on the path to success so you (& your business) never go off track…    Laser-Sharp Q&A sessions with John (this is where the real growth happens)    Your chance to sit in the “Hot Seat” and mastermind with John while leveraging the collective brainpower of the group    Access to the most welcoming, supportive online community of achievers in the world who will support you & celebrate you    The keys to get 2X more done in half the time (while actually doing less work than you’re doing now)…    Exclusive training sessions and bonus “drop-ins” ONLY for members of the VIP Elite group    Access to John’s “Million Dollar Morning Ritual” to get you laser-focused first thing in the morning each dayBefore the course my business was at its very beginning and my knowledge of running a business was very limited. I was also extremely overwhelmed …currently have about over 50 clients that I either worked or still working with. Thank you and looking forward to more business training!Claudia StarkWinning The Game of BusinessJoin TODAY and get 80% OFF!GET IT NOWAt this event I have learned quite quickly to shift from a very negative point of view to a very positive strong point of view… I am really amazed and I recommend everyone to come here and do this. 100x ROI”Dr. Ole B.(TOTAL VALUE: $5000)ACCESS THE “MBA IN A BOX”Training Series($1500 Value)THE MILLION DOLLAR MONEY-MAKING LEAD GEN SYSTEMTravis Houston is the founder of Superfunnel. He is widely regarded as one of the top Facebook Marketing, PPC, & Lead Generation experts in the US.Here’s what’s included:    The most powerful Marketing hack you’ve never heard of    How to nail direct response so you become the “obvious choice”    The A.W.E.S.O.M.E Framework that ramps up desire in your audience by targeting buying needs of each personality type    How to write Facebook ads you can make on your phone that go viral and beat over-produced studio ads every day of the week    The 1 tool you need to boost your content and add a ZERO to your followers (& marketing-qualified leads)($700 Value)AUTOMATE YOUR MARKETINGHow To Harness The Power Of “Automated Marketing” To Skyrocket Your BusinessJermaine Griggs built an 8-figure automation business from what started as a $70 investment. Today, he is a serial entrepreneur, renowned public speaker and minister. Recently, he was awarded InfusionSoft’s “Ultimate Marketer of the Year”.Here’s what’s included:    The step-by-step method to make more money while spending more time with the people you love    #1 mistake entrepreneurs make unknowingly that keeps them from reaching the next level… and how you can avoid it.    The key to generating and converting leads without overextending yourself.    The tools Jermaine has used to travel the world with his family while running his business on “Autopilot”($700 Value)Learn TO Buy & Sell BusinessesAcquisitions and Exit StrategiesRoland Frasier is a world-famous dealmaker who started in Real Estate when he was 18 and now advises over 150 major companies on how to monetize, scale, & sell their businesses (for big exits).Here’s what’s included:    How to scale your business by buying other businesses    How to plan a “multi-exit strategy” for that big payday    The formula for buying a huge, targeted audience at 1/100th of what it’d cost you to build it yourself    The Law Of Price & Terms to help you win any negotation    A simple way to get a software team – for less than hiring them yourself (and BTW they start tomorrow!)($700 Value)how to hire a-grade playersLearn the FORMULA TOP companies use to train & manage a high-performANCE SALES TEAMRandy Zales helps CEOs build profit-driven, people-centered companies. He is one of the most sought-after growth experts in the industry. Prior to his work as an advisor, he served as a Paratrooper in the U.S. Army. His clients include MasterCard, DuPoint, & the TD Bank.What You’ll Get:    The 5 keys to building a world-class salesforce    How to rapidly discover and remove the hidden obstacles to your company’s optimal health and performance    Randy’s essential tactics required to build a Fortune 500 company through better talent and better benchmarking    The “New Science of Team Chemistry” that is missing from your company (& how to implement it this quarter)Plus…get 2 additional trainings WITH 2 LEGENDS($700 VALUE)Branding MasteryHoward LimDiscover how to craft a brand that attracts more wealth & opportunities by using your unique story to disrupt your industry (& build killer buzz).($700 VALUE)Build A Winning CultureSteven CoxDiscover how to create a winning culture that increases the value of your company. All great companies have this, few know how to build it.“Being part of the community is helping me to get through the ‘sticky’ points or what John Assaraf and the other success training experts call ‘switch cost’ that often puts a halt to progress. I’ve been part of coaching groups before and I have yet to see the main leader and experts as active as John and his staff of experts are in this group. SOOO worth the investment.”Michelle E.“My book, ‘Healing From The Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease And Radically Change Your Life, ‘ will be released on Amazon and bookstores worldwide this September. This has been a lifelong dream and I’d like to thank John and Mark for their superb coaching through this group which was instrumental in helping me achieve this monumental goal.”Dr. Nauman N.($2500 VALUE)SURPRISE VIP BONUS #2Build your personal brandDevelop AND Launch Your Personal Brand Like A Pro…So You Can Impact Millions Of People And Earn 6 To 7 FiguresMark Lack is the personal branding expert trusted by Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, Jake Paul, Jordan Belfort, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Daymond John. His “ KLT” Framework has generated over $300M.Here’s What You’ll Get:    The step-by-step method to develop your personal brand and launch it online to become your #1 competitive advantage    How To Reach 1 Million People Online In 42 Days    The 3 Pillars Of Monetizing Content Online (the right way)    The Only 3 Types Of Websites (and which 1 you should have)    The “KLT” Framework responsible for over $300,000,000 in sales.($2500 VALUE)SURPRISE VIP BONUS #3How to Double, Triple, Even QuadrupleYour Sales With Carl HarveyCarl Harvey is a globally renowned copywriter and sales expert. He has been responsible for creating ‘Direct Response’ email and sales copy that’s generated tens of millions in revenue & billions of impressions.Here’s what’s included:    Learn to write copy like the Multi-Million Dollar Man in an exclusive bonus to Winning The Game Of Business VIP Elite members.    Discover the simple system that could help you generate more sales… no matter how competitive your niche is    Unlock the hidden copy tricks to turn your email list into a cash machine… matter what kind of product you’re selling…    The 3 keys to connecting your copywriting to your “Neuro-Sales” message.. for maximum ‘Old Brain’ and ‘New Brain’ impact    Create social media posts that create excitement and buzz in your community… no matter your level of experience with copywriting.    Master your messaging so you not only radically improve the growth of your business but also attract droves of enthusiastic fans and evangelistsWinning The Game of BusinessJoin TODAY and get 80% OFF!GET IT NOWReal People. Real Results.“Getting my own personal advice from John and getting the attention that my business really needed. Since the event I have become a six figure earner and I just put in an offer on a huge house.“Enchantress Shane’After winning the game of business, I really finally got clarity and had that real excitement about moving forward. I since then have hired a digital marketer on staff. So really excited about that.’Emily BrekettSee what NeuroGym Clients say about Winning the Game of Business:From $5M to $17M In SalesAs COO of a small medical device company your process helped the company grow annual revenues from $5M to $17M. The buying decision making process and sales process you taught me proved to be instrumental…I’m certainly not mentioning these things to brag – but rather to let you know that what you teach is out there working in different ways. Cheers!”Guy SohieEntrepreneurI understand now why I wasn’t getting results…“John Assaraf, I could’ve HUGGED you today! I have been doing Network Marketing for some time and… today I learned more from you in 1 hour than I have in the 2 years since I started!!! All I was ever taught was ‘it’s so easy anyone can do this’.I understand now why I wasn’t getting results… I had only been winging it! I’m a bit introverted, so talking to people doesn’t come easy to me. What you taught me today is going to make this process so much easier. Suddenly I was like ‘OMG, I get it!’ I am absolutely loving every single minute of this program so far! THANK YOU!!’I’m certainly not mentioning these things to brag – but rather to let you know that what you teach is out there working in different ways. Cheers!”Dianna DeGrush SpanosJohn has made a huge difference in my business… and in my personal life!“What an amazing transformation my dental practice has seen! This is THE best production month for the year and the best collections month ever for Lumina Dental Spa.We already have a NEW record in revenue booked for next Month! We have 5 new patients scheduled tomorrow so we will end up with 45 new patients for the month. Before we started following your advice … my dental practice was averaging just 24 new patients per month!!Winning The Game Of Business has made such a huge difference in my business… and obviously in my personal life, Thank you so much!’Arif Balagram LuminaDental SpaReaching the million dollar mark has been shattered and I’m in the midst of formulating BIGGER Goals!Since working with you, I have successfully expanded my business regionally and immediately DOUBLED my revenue. My aim of reaching the million dollar mark has been shattered. And I’m in the midst of formulating BIGGER goals!I now operate my business from Singapore as well as Thailand. This is a dream come true for me because I’ve always imagined myself expanding my business… now it’s part of my reality and I cannot be more thrilled.Anisa Hassan-HazikIt’s Just LunchGET WINNING THE GAME OFBUSINESS >>Let’s do a quick recap of what you’re about to get when you sign up!  Winning The Game Of Business 3-Part Training Program (Value $5,000)The 9-Level Brain Re-Training System(Value $997)Bonus 1: The Automatic SalesMachine (Value $1,500)Bonus 2: Proven FacebookAdvertising Secrets (Value $2500)Fast Action Bonus 1: John Assaraf’s HILLMethod Of Selling (Value $1,000)VIP ONLY: 100 days of LIVE Coaching & Q&A with John Assaraf (Value $5,000)VIP ONLY: Bonus #3: MBA In A Box Training Series (Value $5000)VIP ONLY: Bonus #4: How To Develop Your Personal Brand Like a Pro(Value $2500)VIP ONLY: Bonus #5: How to 2X-4X Your Sales Using Expert Copywriting Secrets With Carl Harvey (Value $2,500)WINNING THE GAME OF BUSINESSFOUNDATIONThat’s A Total Value of $10,997$1,497USDGET STARTED NOW OR THREE PAYMENTS OF $597 Join Now And Save $9,500WINNING THE GAME OF BUSINESSVIP ELITEThat’s A Total Value of $25,997$1,997USDGET STARTED NOW OR FOUR PAYMENTS OF $597 Join Now And Save $24,000JOIN TODAY AND PAY IN 6MONTHS WITH NO INTERESTJUST ADDED! We’ve worked with Paypal to set up a special offer justfor new EPIC members…PAY IN 6 MONTHS WITH ZERO INTEREST on your investment.All you have to do is click the button below and select ‘PaypalCredit’ when you check out.Qualified USA Residents Only*100% Money Back Guarantee – Risk FreeWe also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking all the risk for you. Your risk is ZERO. You will get an entire 30 days to experience this life-altering business acceleration system. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, just let us know. We’ll give you all your money back, no hassle.Need Help Ordering Or Have Questions?If you have any questions about the the program please contact our world class support team. They will be happy to be of assistance.NeuroGym Customer SupportPhone: +1 858-771-6670Email: [email protected] Your HostIn the last 30 years, John Assaraf has built 5 multi-million dollar companies, written 2 New York Times Bestselling books, and taken public on NASDAQ with a market cap of $2.5 BILLION.He is widely regarded as one of the top business experts and mindset coaches in the world. He has guided over 100,000 members to unprecedented success.John has been featured in 8 movies, including the blockbuster hit “The Secret” (seen by over 500M people worldwide), as well as “Quest For Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama.Today, he is founder and CEO of NeuroGym, a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies & evidence-based brain training methods to help individuals unleash their fullest power.

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