The Subscriber Sprint by Regina Anaejionu

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The Subscriber Sprint by Regina Anaejionu sales page

The Subscriber Sprint by Regina Anaejionu sales page


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​A month from now you’re not going to be in the sameposition (as far as growing an engaged online audiencegoes) that you are now. Why? Because you’re about to have a focused, guidedSubscriber Sprint. A Subscriber Sprint is time you dedicate to using one ormore of the brand growth methods shared during thisexperience. You will dive into and practice 1-to-1 manual growthmethods, leveraged growth methods that cause a spike inyour subscriber signups, and scaled methods that helpyou bring in a consistent/growing number of newsubscribers each month. This experience will help you discover which growthmethods you and your brand are best set up for right now,and which ones you might want to use in the future. Note: This is not just a learning experience, it is a doingexperience that puts the “work” in workshop. As businessowners ourselves, we know there’s a distinct difference between leaving an intensive or course with a few pages of notes vs. an implemented strategy. Pages of notes make us feel good and they trick ourbrains into thinking we’ve done something. But, at theend of the day, only the growth strategies we implementactually “move the needle” on impact and profits. That’swhy this experience is a “doing” experience, why it’sspread out over 4 weeks, and why you keep access to therecorded program after the fact.Implement: ‣ Manual Growth Methods ‣ Leveraged Growth Methods ‣ Scaled Growth Methods; and ‣ Paid Scaled Growth Methods in this guided 4-week program.VIEW THE PROGRAM  >>01MANUALENGAGEMENTDURING THIS EPIC WEEKEND INTENSIVE, YOU WILL: for Purposeful, Targeted Audience Growth• Identify communities, forums, and online groups where your idealsubscribers and customers spend time (ex: in Clubhouse Clubs androoms, Facebook groups, LinkedIn Groups, Mighty Networks, orSlack channels, etc.) and craft a guided plan to use thosecommunities based on 3 strategies that work in any niche (so youdon’t waste your time). APRIL 10 + 111P + 4P Eastern, both days• Start leveraging social media platforms with open user profiles(such as: Instagram, Twitter, and Clubhouse) to start meaningfulconversations with potential subscribers that lead people toactually subscribe/follow/buy from you. Manually engaging your potential customers online isa targeted way to both learn more about what yourpeople are saying, thinking, and asking –and– get infront of potential subscribers and clients for free.• Optimize your profiles on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,Clubhouse, and any other platforms you’re a part of to showcase the If you are growing your business from scratch, pivoting an existing business, or are ready to find what (how exactly can you help) and why (why you are qualified to new ways to grow your subscriber base (if what you’redoing right now isn’t working the way you’d like), youwill not want to miss this weekend this work and what drives you to do it) of your brand. This willincrease the number of valuable connections you make when youspend time online.02LEVERAGEDCOLLABORATIONSDURING THIS PROJECT-BASED WEEKEND INTENSIVE, YOU WILL: to Get in Front of Other Brands’ Audiences• Research and create a list of podcasts, blogs, and other brandpublications that your ideal subscribers already frequent, so thatyou can pitch interview ideas, content ideas, or othercollaborations to those entities. APRIL 17 + 181P + 4P Eastern, both days• Receive templates/ideas for how to reach out to established brandsto pitch your collaborations or content ideas. If your ideal subscribers (ex: homeschooling parents,startup founders, beginners in sewing, first-time realestate investors) are already gathered online assubscribers/fans of another brand (ex: software tohelp homeschooling parents organize curriculum, apodcast for startup founders, the IG account of acrafty fabric maker with 5,500 engaged followers,etc.), then why not get in front of the audience that’salready there?• Create a list of potential conferences and events (that companiesin your industry host) that you can potentially speak at or sponsor.Using collaborations (such as: guest posting, co-hosted online events,being a speaker at a conference, etc.), you can get in front of the exactaudience you’re looking for at the exact time they’re seeking the typesof solutions you offer. This will be a key way to leverage your time and content for maximumreach.03SCALEDGROWTHDURING THIS WEEKEND “SUPERCLASS” INTENSIVE, YOU WILL: • Define your ideal customer’s journey through your industry andtopic. from Search Engine Optimized Content• Create a keyword and content plan for search terms, phrases, andquestions you would like to rank for on search engine results pages. APRIL 24 + 251P + 4P Eastern, both days• Adopt SEO best practices for text-based content, images, as wellas video and audio content. When you have highly engaging and helpful contentthat successfully leads to high-converting productsor services, it’s time to scale your reach. You can dothis through audio, video, or text content that isoptimized for search engines like Google, Pinterest,YouTube,, podcast directories, andmore.• Discover how to make your content accessible and inclusive so thatit’s usable and comfortable for more people. • Put “off-page” strategies in place to help your brand and site getdiscovered by more people daily.If your plan is to (right now, or, eventually) grow your brand each daywith engaged people, for free, through amazing and optimized content,you will not want to miss this weekend intensive (or the recordedversion that will be available after the live weekend).04PAID SCALEDGROWTHDURING THIS BONUS WEEKEND INTENSIVE, YOU WILL: Bonus Weekend• Set up your Facebook and Instagram ads manager dashboard. Youwill install your ads pixel, get used to reading the data in yourdashboard, and discover the types of ads you can create. • Create customized and smart “audiences” you can target with yourfuture ads. You will discover the various ways you can narrow downyour ads to the most ideal “cold” audiences (people who don’t knowyou already), and you will also create custom audiences out ofpeople who are connected to your brand (ex: interacting with you onIG or FB, visitors to your website, etc.), if applicable. MAY 1 + 21P + 4P Eastern, both daysIf you have content and products that are selling andgetting results for people, or if you have a new offeryou want to test out, it might be time to invest inpaid reach/growth methods. • (Optionally) Set up and test your first, or next, ad for $50. The key with any paid growth strategies is to makesure you are targeting the right people (for you andyour brand) at the right time in their customerjourney. This is how you make paid growth actuallyprofitable. We want you to test, tweak, and get asubstantial return on your investment.• Review other ads/paid growth options that might be a better fit for your business than FB/IG ads.

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