Secrets of the Irresistible Offer by Mike Shreeve

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Secrets of the Irresistible Offer by Mike Shreeve sales page

Secrets of the Irresistible Offer by Mike Shreeve sales page


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​HOW TO CREATE IRRESISTIBLE HIGH VALUE OFFERS THAT EASILY SELL FOR $3,000 – $30,000 EACHYES! I want this! 60% Off Available On This Page OnlyIntroducing:SECRETS OF THE IRRESISTIBLE OFFERHOW TO RADICALLY TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS BY CHARGING & DELIVERING 20X MORE WHILE WORKING MUCH, MUCH LESSWould you like to charge more for your offers, attract higher quality clients, and provide more value to those you serve? Then you need the brand new “Secrets Of The Irresistible Offer” training! In this training you’ll learn:    How I structure offers for clients and customers that leverages my time better, while allowing me to charge $5,000 – $30,000 upfront…    How to create a “market of one” by Framework Building and Stress Testing your offers for better positioning and uniqueness in the market…    Why you should focus on building and scaling ONE high value offer to $300,000/month before even thinking about creating another…    The #1 mistake to avoid when creating a high value offer (HINT: Most of the internet marketing brosephs do this and it’s what causes so many complaints and angry customers)…    How to know whether your offer will sell before you ever try and sell it (aka: pre-market viability testing)…    How to create demand for your offer by tweaking one little element that makes you unique…    Is your audience/niche/market the reason you aren’t selling high ticket offers? This test will find out if you need to make a change to grow or stick with your current people…    How to use the “Scope + ??? + Upside potential” equation to pre-validate your offer/market match…    Why simplifying what you offer will allow you to charge 10x more (and how to do it)…    How to use past client experience to re-shape and improve current offers without having to re-invent everything from scratch…    Why the “Mapping The Roadblocks” exercise might just be the most valuable exercise you’ll do for your business this year (or ever)…    How to borrow the skills and authority of others to deliver better results and charge higher prices…    How to use “passive income” in an overall strategy to improve your premium offer conversion rates and fulfillment…    Empathetic marketing: The key to creating remarkable offers that clients are happy to pay $3k – $30k+ for upfront…    The one thing NOBODY is teaching or doing when it comes to high value offers, and how to fulfill on them at scale without going crazy (if all you did was learn this one thing, you’d get 100x the value of this program… and you’d save your sanity too)…    A simple pricing strategy for judging the value of your high priced offer…    How to figure out why your offer isn’t selling and how to fix it…    The Price Power Circle: Why higher prices are required for delivering better results (especially if you are new)…    How to run “Objecting Testing” and how to make selling your offer incredibly easy (perfect follow-up training for The One Book Millions Method funnel process)…    How to create a high value offer you can run “hands free” without hiring a large team or cutting into your margins (this discovery saved me from becoming another 80 hour/week entrepreneur and is the key to my only working 2 days per week now)…    The 3 things your offer must have if your goal is to hit 7-figures per year in revenue with high profit margins and room for growth…    How to maximize your conversions through a backward incentivisation strategy I learned from an old-timer in the direct response agency world…    2 different ways to price your offers – and how one offer worth $30,000+ makes it easy for new clients to sign up without you having to risk future non-payments (nobody is teaching this right now)…    And much, much more…This training can be used for coaches, consultants, freelancers, agencies, and professional service providers wanting to add more value and get paid better as a result. NORMALLY $695GET IT FOR $295 ON THIS PAGE ONLY!YES! I want this! 60% Off Available On This Page OnlyLET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO RAISE YOUR PRICES, CREATE OFFERS THAT PEOPLE LOVE TO BUY, AND BRING MASSIVE VALUE TO THE PEOPLE YOU SERVE!Took what they learned from Mike and closed a $25,000 project!When the Peaceful Profits System came along everything clicked for them!Replaced their full-time income . . .working part-time hours!After a coaching call with Mike, closed two sales totaling $5,000!Landed a new client valued at 10x their previous project rates!Increased Monthly Revenue by 62.1%!365-Day Money Back GuaranteeHere’s my promise to you…Take your time and go through the program, use the guides, toolkits, and training to create your own irresistible high value offer!In fact, take a full year to learn, absorb, and apply the strategies and tactics in The Irresistible Offer training. And at the end of a year if, for whatever reason, you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, then I’ll give you a full, 100% money-back refund, no questions asked.All it takes is for you to send me a simple email to [email protected] easy is that?Now all that’s left for you to do is click the button below to get instant access to the program!NORMALLY $695GET IT FOR $295 ON THIS PAGE ONLY!YES! I want this! 60% Off Available On This Page OnlyRECAP OF EXACTLY WHAT YOU GETI’ll walk you through 5 separate funnels all following The One Book Millions Method core strategy for attracting high quality clients at scale.    19 videos of training pulled directly from my own $10,000 premium coaching offer that I sell in my business…    4.75 hours of training on exactly how to create high value offers that you can sell for $3,000 – $30,000 or more…    Worksheets, templates, and frameworks to walk you through the specific process I take private clients through to create impactful offers that sell…    My best kept secrets for scaling your business by working less and offering more value to a few dream clients at scale…

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