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Productized Masterclass by Greg Systemly Download

Productized Masterclass by Greg Systemly Download

Productized Masterclass by Greg Systemly Torrent

Productized Masterclass by Greg Systemly Torrent

Productized Masterclass by Greg Systemly Free

Productized Masterclass by Greg Systemly Free

Introducing the step by step formula I used to escape custom done-for-you services and package experience into a highly leveraged, highly profitable premium program.A few questions for you:Are you ready to learn how to sell your services more like products and break through your revenue ceiling?Are you interested in the business systems that let you go from a glorified freelancer to CEO?Are you ready to work fewer hours while earning more and put an end to scope creep, hourly rates, and proposals? If you are, then I’m excited to announce a new online training course, Productized Masterclass.The results can speak for themselves.How I went from struggling service provider to CEO by productizing my services When I first started out, I had no idea how to create a business. After a decade or more of being employed. I had built out strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world; Pepsi, Unilever, Axe, Cabelas and even many professional sports teams like The New York Jets, Florida Marlins, Carolina Panther and more. Despite my success, I knew I wanted to start my own business so, while I I was working my way up the corporate ladder I started my side-hustle. After a few failed attempts of an agency and a software company, I gained some traction with done-for-you services as a bit of a hired gun consultant.I got enough traction and thought it would be a good idea to quit my cushy 6-figure salary In fact, I decided it would be smart (#sarcasm) to also sell my house and propose to my girlfriend. The trifecta if you know what I mean. I struggled for about 1.5 years until I completely changed my focus. Instead of going back to corporate I took something I was good at and enjoyed and found people who needed help…most importantly…people I really wanted to work withI’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest online entrepreneurs like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, Chris Ducker, Dan Martell and more.We grew fast.But, then we hit a wall.Like many service providers, I got stuck at around the $200k/year in revenue mark. Something had to change.I realized that in order to build the type of business I wanted and finally break the feast and famine rollercoaster, I had to simplify my business so I could multiply.We basically took the 80/20 of what we were great at, got our clients results and we loved and productized it.Aka. We packaged, sold and delivered our services more like products.In less than 11 months we were able to wind down our custom services and hit our first (of what would become many) 6-figure months.I learned how to simplify our services and package them up in a way that could really be streamlined.That allows us to escape relying on referrals and manual prospecting to automated lead generation.I went from being the only sales guy to having a predictable selling machine that streamlined the sales process to the point where a salesperson could easily replace me.I went from working 80+ hour workweeks in fulfillment “doing all the work” to a highly leveraged and profitable delivery model that allowed our clients to get results without ME having to work extra hours.Through systems, process and team, we were able to operationalize the delivery of our services so I could replace myself from most of the client work and focus on growth…and more time with my family.I’ve poured all of this knowledge and experience into our Productized Masterclass course, but…I didn’t stop there.I tested it end to end with other business owners who were stuck like I was. People with and without technical skill sets/people from all over the globe.Again and again, they used our formula to productize their services. They accomplished in months what took me years and cost me hundreds of thousands in trial and error. As a service provider, we get true fulfillment from helping others. The skills that got us started need to be refined to get to the next level. IF we continue selling services as we have been, we’ll burn out knowing that we fell short on how many people we could truly impact.The Productized Masterclass helps you create more leverage for your services so you can grow profits and reduce cost, energy and effort while providing more value to your clients.Are you really going to continue struggling and dealing with ups and downs of your current service delivery? It’s time to make the necessary changes to take back control in your business and become more scalable.Introducing The “Productized Masterclass” Training ProgramIt’s time to make the necessary changes to take back control in your business and become more scalable.Here’s what we’ll be covering. 1. We’ll start with your offering, packaging/productizing your services using a tool called The Signature Service, which will become your proprietary process and blueprint for all systems and structure you need. We’ll work on your offer and price points so you get the clients and money you’re after. 2. Next, we’ll hit on some foundations to find low hanging fruit for you to free up time in how you manage and operate your business to make some of these changes we’re working on. We’ll design what we call your Efficient Work Week™ so you have the ideal mix of vision/design time vs working IN your business.3. We’ll focus on your business model to make sure that you understand what it will take to deliver this new offering and what you’ll need in place to make it actually profitable because most owners don’t even track profitability or cash flow. Two huge factors in scalability.4. One of the keys to moving from generalist service provider to specialist (productized offering) is to know your client like the back of your hand. We’ll take you through our process called The Perfect Client Planner™ so you know how to speak to this person and who you should actually accept as a client vs just taking anyone.5. One thing we have to dial in is how you’ll launch the beta program of this offer and transition any existing clients, so we’ll give you a plan for that and some email templates that will help convert the low hanging fruit.Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your business and make it more scalable, and my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically…so we’ll be able to spend more time on that one with you.In just 8 weeks, here’s what you’ll get:Module 1: The Future Focus MethodYou can’t create any progress or develop any system without a clear vision. Let’s start with the end in mind so we can reverse engineer the right system for our goals.Module 2: The Optimized WeekBefore you create any system we need to simplify and optimize the process we are trying to create a system for. At varying stages of growth within your business, you’ll need to re-engineer how you get work done during the week for maximized efficiency. We use this exercise regularly to re-optimize our weeks and days for high performance. If you have a team, each member should do this as well.Module 3: Design Your Signature ServiceLearn how to start and validate your program when you’re starting from scratch. You need a standardized and repeatable process to get your ideal client the result you promised. That’s your Signature Service. This will become your proprietary process (ideally branded as your own) that will allow you to create the simple systems for both acquisition and fulfillment. Module 4: Design Your Hybrid Delivery ModelIn this training, we’ll dive into how to deliver your service more like a product. There are a few different approaches to this so you’ll want to pay attention and pick the one that fits your goals and needs.Module 5: The Model MathGrowth comes with costs. Your scalability and profitability will require you to know how to forecast out and determine how viable your product suite is and help make those tough hiring decisions.Module 6: The Perfect Client PlannerIn this training, we talk about what your perfect client looks like. The reason that a lot of people end up in the mess of it all, is because they have too many avatars and they say yes to too many types of businesses/projects. We like to plan everything around what we love doing and then get organized with this planner. Module 7: Deliver BetaWhen you get your first few clients of your new productized/hybrid solution, it won’t be perfect. That’s why we encourage you to deliver a beta experience of your program to work through the kinks with real, paying clients. Module 8: Client Journey PlannerThe path from stranger to paying client. Too many people create complex funnels but when you map out your client journey and focus on mastering that one path to paying client, you give yourself the best chance to optimize that for conversions. $1500BUYNOWThe 60 money-back guaranteeWe know if you do the work and follow our step-by-step methodology, you will, without a doubt, create a productized service and be able to get your first few clients. If not, we guarantee your money back. I believe in this program and stand behind it 100%. We do require you to put in the work, complete the program materials, give it a solid effort, let us review the work and even let us help before we give you the money back guarantee.If our clients are seeing this kind of growth; what’s possible for you when you have access to the same thing they do?Jeremy GillespieFounder at Built To Scale Had my call with Greg Hickman yesterday and it was 🔥🔥🔥. I got extremely clear on my signature service and how to position/package it. If you haven’t had yours yet, you’re in for a treat.Allison FraserOwner at Prototype Media GroupI just finished week 2 of my workshop call with Greg Hickman. I honestly can’t believe how possible it was to structure (on paper) my ENTIRE business in less than 2 hours. I wish I did this years ago! Thank you, Greg. Who is the Productized Masterclass Training For? – Online Entrepreneur- Digital Service Provider- Digital Agency Owner- Service Provider- Coach- FreelancerThe Productized Masterclass is designed for the entrepreneurs who already have experience delivering their service. You NEED to be comfortable that you’ve seen enough different projects to know how long it will take to deliver and to spot traps and pitfalls.And you need the experience to manage clients. Under a productized service model you’re in charge, you’re the expert they rely on and you need to firmly steer your clients where they need to be.So if you’re comfortable that you have enough experience to understand what your clients need, and you can manage even demanding clients, you’re in the right place. You can grow profits and reduce cost, energy and effort and deliver better value.BUY NOW FOR JUST $1500GREG HICKMANFOUNDER & CEO -SYSTEM.LYGreg Hickman is a marketing automation, systems strategist and founder of A marketing automation consultancy helping client service businesses grow their income while increasing their free time. Greg has worked with client such asJay Baer, John Lee Dumas, Jon Loomer, Chris Ducker, Dan Martell, Nerd Fitness and other market leaders.

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

How and when will I receive the product?
Immediately after the payment, you will get a link to download the product (like a google drive folder). The link will be sent to your email account immediately, and you can always get the link on your account history too.

Is the course complete, or is it just a demo version?
The course is 100% completed and updated (includes ALL videos, pdfs, files, screenshots, everything); after you pay, you get a link to download the course Immediately.

What is your refund policy?
We will send you a full refund if you don’t get the complete course you ordered and we can’t solve the problem in the following 24 hours. Please get in touch with us if you want a refund. Your refund request will be processed within 24 hours

How can I trust you?
We show screenshots from the course, give you a video sample, and show you the folder where you will get access to download the course; that is proof that we have the course.
Also, you don’t need to trust us; you will be protected by PayPal buyer protection; if we don’t send you the course, you can ask Paypal to give your money back

Which types of payment do you accept?
Paypal and Crypto coins
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We don’t even use your name on our testimonials.
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What if my product has problems?
If your course has a problem, please send us a screenshot and tell us the problem. Then, we will solve the problem.
We will send a full refund when the problem can’t be resolved.

Can I ​Request courses I found somewhere?
Yes, send the information from the course you want to our chat or email at [email protected]

​Are all of the ​courses available straight away, or is it time-released (drip fed)?
You get all the content immediately; You don’t have to wait.

How can I get support from you?
We are confident provide for all of you an excellent service. If you have any problems, please contact us via Live chat. If we are not online, send us an email at [email protected] We will solve the problem quickly as possible!

What is NOT included?
Facebook Group Access
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Mastermind or calls.

Do I need to purchase anything else once I get this course?
NO, you don’t need to get a premium subscription or download torrent software.

How long do I have access to the course?
Forever. You bought the course, and you own it for life. Access it anytime you want. You’ll also get all the course updates and new lessons for FREE forever.

Is my credit card secure?
Yes. We’ve partnered with PayPal to handle billing and provide a secure socket layer, and 256-bit encryption. So in layman’s terms: Your credit card is secure.
Card information is stored ONLY by Paypal secure server (We never have access to your payment information)

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