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‘I have a lot of patience (thanks algorithm!), but not being able to monetize my blog after all this time is starting to get old. I don’t know what I am doing wrong! Is it really possible for me to go full time with my blog?”The silence is such a confidence and courage killer. I send a pitch and get no response. I email a brand, crickets! Do I really have what it takes to work with brands?”I’ve thought about pitching myself before, but I am scared to send an email! What if they say no or don’t respond at all? The intimidation gets the best of me!”I would love to pitch a brand for a sponsored collaboration, but I have no clue where to start. What do I say? Who do I contact? How does this pitching thing even work? What are the essentials?”I didn’t even know pitching was a thing, let alone that I could make thousands a month from doing it!”I’ve been doing this a LONG time, but the business has changed! I am so ready to move past the one-post brand deals to bigger and longer term brand collaborations.”I’ve heard there are brands out there that would work with an influencer like me, but I still don’t know how to land those partnerships.’You’re not Alone!“ Pitch It Perfect has truly been a game-changer in my blogging career. The pitch strategies and email templates have given me the confidence to reach out to brands I never would have before. I recently landed two of my biggest paid brand deals to date, which were $500 more each than what I used to land, all by using negotiation tips from the course! I love how Julie lays everything out in an honest and realistic way, it’s truly a game changer for anyone who is looking to take their blogging career to the next level. ”- HUNTER PREMO If you’ve ever felt frustratedtrying to land paid campaigns…Or even confused with HOW toget out of the affiliate incomeand algorithm rat race andconnect directly with brandsin the first place ……lean in for a second.Because yes, you can diversify your income with brand deals and sponsored posts.You’re a smart content creator who knows this year is about growing an authentic, respectable online brand that celebrates creativity—not bot-charged, looped giveaway follow-for-follow schemes that donothingfor your bank account.You love the idea of getting out of the blogger frustration and in to booking your own brand collabs …but where to begin?And how on earth do you pitch a brand anyway?You’re not out to be the next Kardashian: Your goal isn’t to be followed by everyone. Your goal is to monetize your influence so you can finally have the freedom to live your life on your terms.But between boosted posts and $10 here and there from followers shopping your pics, you’re not exactly hitting those income goals you penned with your manicured hand…… it’s more like you feel emotionally and literally bankrupt from living the algorithm & affiliate rat race.Oh, friendThere’s a better way.Imagine being able to have courage to reach out to the brands that will pay YOU the bucks.You’d know just how to word your emails and have your head hit the pillow at night knowing just what to expect with the back-and-forth ping-pong game of negotiation with brand reps.A pitch-ready strategy in hand, you’d line up the photog, style up the product, and tag the heavy-hitters, knowing you’d just made a dent in the internet—and in this month’s rent.chachingSee ya later, intimidation factor. You know how to value your time and your worth while doing what you love and creating freedom in your work week.THIS COULD BE YOU…“I never used to charge for posts. In the last month, I have acquired 8 paid contracts.”“I just landed a 4-figure campaign, my biggest one ever. Feeling so grateful right now!”“I was able to finally turn a gifted collab into a paid collab.”“I have gained more than 3X as much money this month in brand campaigns in comparison to previous months combined!”“We just signed our biggest 5-figure brand deal yet (as of last week) for multiple posts from a big brand and have officially gone full time with our blog!”…all in less time than it takes to try to beat the algorithm or join another dead-end loop giveaway(and with way better ROI.)IntroducingThe only pitch program that teaches influencers & bloggers how to move from side hustle defeat to long-term, big bucks brand collabs—all in just one week.I’ve custom-designed Pitch It Perfect for bloggers and influencers like you, so you can market this thing with REAL strategy—and less of a “Hail Mary/let’s see if this works” strategy.And now?I’m handing it over to you.Pitch It Perfect is up made of …All the templates, resources, and pricing tools I use to hone what a brand should be … and counter back to PR reps with confidence.Easy to follow lessons with video trainings, teaching you the step-by-step processes I’ve taught to bloggers and influencers who make 5-figures a month without some crazy, 100K following, pod group or exhausting loop giveaway.Ongoing support… It’s simple. I’m dedicated to helping you grow. Throughout the program—and then forever!—post your questions in our private community, and get feedback from 1000+ other influencers and bloggers just like you.PLUS, you’ll get the exact framework I’ve used to help content creators just like you…Increase followers from 7K to 40K followers in their first year of blogging, and land a brand deal for more than $5K in the process.Increase paid brand deals by $500 each what one blogger used to land.Increase collab payments from free product to $3,000 for 1 YouTube video, 2 Instagram posts, and 4 Instagram products.Increase paid deals in general… even if you’ve had years of blogging and pitching experience with goose-egg results.What’s IncludedThe core course materials, including real life examples, templates and worksheets are immediately available in the student portal.Is Mobile And Tablet FriendlyLets You Work At Your Own Pace And TimeLets You Choose The Format Where You Learn Best – Video, Audio, Or Written TranscriptLets You Revisit As Often As You Want, The Materials Are Yours For Life!PLUS, you also get instant access to …20+ different worksheets and printables (called Pitch Sheets!)45+ Pitch Templates for Emails, DMs and more30+ Successful Pitch Threads from StudentsDetailed Press Kit Walkthrough + Multiple ExamplesCustomizable Press Kit TemplateCustomizable Contract TemplateCustomizable Invoice TemplatePitch It Perfect CurriculumPitch It Perfect consists of 5 Modules that make up your core pitching foundation. Each training is specifically designed to help you craft pitch strategies that connect with skill and convert to lucrative deals.01The Purpose of PitchingConnecting Your Values To Your Pitch …why it’s important to get clear on your business values before you pitch a brand, how to create your core business values, and why connecting your values to your pitch is the key to pitch success. We are also going to cover the 4 questions you must ask yourself before ever sending a pitch so you stay aligned with your values.Let’s Hear From The Brands…what brands look for when collaborating with an influencer. And how you can apply their feedback to your pitch approach.Pitching and Catching Strategy…the difference between pitching and catching Why pitching and catching are equally important to your overall strategy The 4-part strategy checklist you need when it comes to pitching and catching.PreviousNextGET STARTED NOWChoose the Pitch Plan That’s Right For YouMOST ACCESSIBLETwo monthly payments of$297Best ValueOne payment of$497“I just landed a $7,000 offer with a brand. I’m officially making more than my full time job!”“Super pumped to share that I closed a $7,000 deal! I’m officially making more than my full-time job. This month alone I’ll make double my current income. Just wanted to encourage everyone here that you can totally do it! ”-Bailey“I purchased Pitch It Perfect 2 days ago and already have a brand deal.”“Bought the course just 2 days ago and am flying through all the content! Just reached out to a brand and already have something in the works! I am so excited right now!”-Joanna“We have gone full time as a blogger in 3 1/2 months thanks to Pitch It Perfect.”“We have made over $25,000 in 3 ½ months since joining Pitch It Perfect. We also had our first 5 figure month ever! We’ve landed a ton of campaigns using Pitch It Perfect with companies including OLAY, YellowTail, Lulus, NEST Bedding, and Target!”-Caleb & StefanieShe landed a brand deal with only 560 Instagram followers!“I pitched to my all time favorite lipstick brand and they have added me to their exclusive re-launch campaign! I only started blogging 3 months ago and have 560 IG followers. Most of all, I’m proud of how I was able to develop the relationship further with this brand through my follow up emails. Thank you Pitch It Perfect for the confidence to just go for it!”-AdriannaPitch It Perfect has changed the way she looks at herself as a blogger! She simply enjoys life while making money!“I purchased Pitch It Perfect 2 weeks ago and the main thing I was looking for is education. I celebrated my one year anniversary a few weeks ago as a blogger but still feel kinda clueless on how to monetize. This course has changed the way I look at myself as a blogger. I no longer wait for the Rewardstyle affiliate sales but simply enjoy my life. I have pitched to 10 brands and today got 2 paid offers. More than I made all year with Rewardstyle. I’m incredibly grateful to start rebuilding my confidence and know my worth is more than a dress sale. It feels so amazing and freeing! I am spending time creating content, pitching and learning how to make a press kit to send to brands. I hope that’s an encouragement to not give up. I’m so grateful to be apart of Pitch It Perfect! ”-NelliShe used to post content for free, now she makes $3,600!“I negotiated a brand deal and they are now paying me $3600!!! I never charged for posts prior to taking this course. In the last month, I have acquired 8 paid contracts, including this one!!!!”-NicoleShe went from $0 to $1,000 in just six months!“I just landed a 4-figure campaign and they’re giving me a bonus and boosting my post as an ad! Feeling so grateful right now. Hard work DOES pay off! Six months ago I was accepting work for $30 or just nothing at all.”-Steffie“Since enrolling in Pitch It Perfect, I’ve landed between $1,500-$3,000 every singe month!”“Since enrolling in Pitch It Perfect, I’ve landed between $1,500 – $3,000 every single month! Pitch It Perfect helped me to become more confident in pitching and landing more brand deals! I no longer feel like I have no power when when negotiating deals with brands!”-BiancaOkay, Julie.How do I make this work?ArrowClick the Get Started button anywhere on the page, and boom: in just a few minutes, an email will hit your inbox (lookout for the subject line Pitch It Perfect, You’re In: Next Steps!) with login details and a link to our private community.clockWith just 30 days you can get through this program in a week! Study up on the 5 modules— they’re all ready and waiting on you! Can’t dive in right away? No worries. You’ve got lifetime access.laptopOne week from today, you’re emailing with PR and brand reps like a boss. From pricing and negotiation tactics down to the wording of your pitches, you’re explaining your value and securing paid content!and no, it’s not for everyone.But, you may be a fit for Pitch It Perfect if …You’re not obsessed with being an Insta-celeb.C’mon now. You KNOW beauty samples and YouTube followers don’t pay the tab during a girls night on the town. You’re more social media lover than socialite, and very okay with that.You’re pro-authentic growth, thumbs down bots.You’re a smart cookie, and with algorithm smarts these days, you know that true engagement with your followers is what’s going to tick those numbers up, up, up—and that doesn’t happen in two sleeps.You’re a hard-worker.Watching my parents raise me taught me the value of a little elbow grease, and that’s how Pitch It Perfect works, too.You’d rather learn “how to fish” yourself.You know even if your content is good, that doesn’t translate into followers/hits/growth, and you’re ready to learn how that works.You’re brand new, and fire-cracker ready to roll.Your goal isn’t to be followed by everyone, but to share a message that maybe just that one person really needs—let’s start out together on the right foot.What’s the cost of all this?Yup. You could keep at the post-for-product exchange going, rack up a pretty sweet samples drawer, and still feel like the glam life of your feed is a distant cry from what’s *actually* in your bank account.Or, you could get over the intimidation factor of reaching out to brands once and for all.You could move beyond likes … and move towards Friday paydays with coaching and tried and tested strategies that help influencers and bloggers land dream deals and account growth.Swipe the very step-by-step pitch system thousands of bloggers and influencers use to leverage brands:Let’s get you from pitch crickets to paid campaigns.GET STARTED NOWChoose the Pitch Plan That’s Right For YouMOST ACCESSIBLETwo monthly payments of$297Best ValueOne payment of$497About JulieHey! I’m Julie – a brand strategist, digital marketing expert and host of chart topping The Influencer Podcast with a Tennessee accent, sweet husband, a 5-year-old, and a passion for helping creative visionaries like you!As an expert in marketing, PR, and personal branding I have had the honor of being featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and People magazine. Clearly with a thing for pages, I went on to spearheaded book campaigns that broke New York Times Best-Selling records and worked with dozens of best-selling authors who have collectively sold over 100 million books worldwide. I also have a thing for conversations and thanks to my loyal listeners my podcast has consistently been in the Top 5 on iTunes and has achieved millions of downloads in more than 170 countries. And you know I have a thing for monetizing influence, I was recently named as one of the Top 100 leaders in influencer marketing.As a 7-figure entrepreneur, I have founded multiple companies and worked with household names such as Dave Ramsey and Lenny Kravitz and have interviewed cutting edge trailblazers such as Rachel Hollis, Amy Porterfield and Marie Forleo.With degrees in Journalism and Digital Media I am the creator of The Influencer Academy and this program Pitch It Perfect and am a keynote speaker. I have over a decade of experience helping individuals turn messages into movements and empower entrepreneurs to grow their influence and grow their brands into six and seven-figure businesses.The bottom line? I don’t believe your hard work should go unpaid.Content creation is no joke—and you deserve to be paid for the audience you’ve worked so hard to bring together, no matter the size.… and now,It’s time to hand over the education to YOU!“I’ve established long-term partnerships and have deposited nearly $5,000 in my new business bank account. For context: I had zero paid partnerships last year. I’m so pumped!”-Peg EileenWhat others have asked before joining Pitch It Perfect…Do I need to have had my blog for years!?No way, girl! Whether you’ve had your blog since before it was cool to SAY you have a blog, wink, or you’re fresh into your first few months, you’re just fine and right on track in the Pitch It Perfect community. In fact, we’ve had stellar success stories from women in their very first year of blogging—like Peyton, mentioned above, who started making $4-5K monthly in her first year of blogging … all from brand deals.How many followers on social media do I have to have to be able to do this? More than 500? 10K?Will you teach me how to bill … and how much to even charge? Oh, and how to introduce my rate if they’re only offering gifted product and negotiate?What topics do the pitch templates cover?I don’t think I have time for this?? How long does it take?How quickly will I get access to the materials and private community?How long do I get access?If you update the program will I get the updates?Are there discounts for Pitch It Perfect?Do you offer refunds?Is Pitch It Perfect included in Julie’s other program The Influencer Academy?Do I have to enroll in Julie’s other program, The Influencer Academy, before I enroll in Pitch It Perfect?How is this different than The Influencer Podcast and your other free resources?I have more questions, how can I get in touch?GET STARTED NOW

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