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Welcome To Operation Takeover!EACH WEEK’S LESSON WILL APPEAR BELOW ON MONDAYS, STARTING ON AUGUST 5TH.Search through course…Week OneThe Magic Of DATA Week TwoENTER THE VORTEX Week ThreeYour Sales Process How To Write A Sales Letter (Part One) How to Write A Sales Letter (Part 2) Week Four – Follow Up And VSL FrameworksVSL Framework #1 – The ‘Billion Dollar Framework’ Education ‘Tutorial Style’ VSL For Direct OfferOne-Click Upsell VSL FrameworksBribe VSL Frameworks EMAIL Frameworks: The Four Day Cash Machine (Still Working To This Very Day) EMAIL Frameworks: The DoubleTap Week 5: Launch!Creating Content Ads For YouTube Creating YouTube Campaigns Week 6: Facebook Part 1Intent Based Branding Simplified Youtube Results and Revisions ManychatAdroll Retargeting (AKA ‘The Rest of The Internet’) Have You Joined Our Private Facebook Group?As you know, we meet EVERY DAY on Monday through Friday to help you implement what’s in this class.Assuming the tech Gods are with us, we’ll be holding these live video conferences in our private Facebook group.Please join that here so you don’t miss out.Join The Facebook GroupLIVE Call Schedule For This Week:Monday (9/9): 5:30 PM ESTTuesday: 5:30 PM ESTWednesday: 5:30 PM ESTThursday: 5:30 PM ESTFriday: 4:30 PM ESTHow To Stop Guessing And Discover EXACTLY What WorksIn this lesson, I’ll walk you through …How the class is going to workHow online campaigns REALLY workHow to know exactly who your competitors are selling to.How to find hidden ‘gaps’ where you can make ‘low hanging fruit’ money.How to know what websites (besides the obvious) are sending them the most traffic.Which ads and landing pages are working.Exactly what types of content is working …even down to the graphics, copy, images, and more!This is a long lesson and you’ll want to watch the WHOLE THING.There’s nothing hard in here …and if you actually DO what I’m showing you to do, you’ll have a ridiculously unfair advantage over just about everyone in your market.IMPORTANT!If you haven’t joined the private Facebook group yet, join it here now.This is where I’ll be doing our LIVE video conferences every day (assuming the Tech Gods are with us lol).Speaking of LIVE video conferences, here’s the schedule for week 1:Monday, August 5th: 5:30 PM Eastern TimeTuesday, August 6th: 5:30 PM Eastern TimeWednesday, August 7th: 12:00 PM Eastern TimeThursday, August 8th: 2:00 PM Eastern TimeFriday, August 9th: 12:00 PM Eastern TimeAgain – barring tech weirdness, I’ll be doing these in our Private Facebook group …so you’ll want to join that here!