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You’ve got the big idea, now you need a quick win info product and a flexible sales funnel that grows with you.Meet your new business ops manual & focused funnel program below CSYSC-Header.jpgThe Flexible Funnel Process.pngHere’s the simple challenge we have for you:If you have a big idea (whether you’ve had it for 3 months or 10+ years), and have not fully launched it yet . . . develop it as a quick win info product in the next 45 days and sell it using a flexible funnel.The-Flexible-Funnel-Kit-Preview.jpgYour new best friend, the Flexible Funnel™ Kit, is so much more than a course. It is a business playbook, an operating manual (with 100+ pages of worksheets, templates, case studies, and more), and a focused online course that you can continually use to grow your online empire. It includes lessons & action prescriptions, so you’re never lost.We’ll tell you more about it below.We see online entrepreneurs run into 1 of 2 main issues when trying to sell information products and build passive income.One:People try to start creating consistent content without a working, flexible funnel and desirable info product in place, and they get “free zoned”—which is like getting “friend zoned” . . . but as a business. Basically, you’re creating for people who will never buy from you.Two:People try to sell a great information product, but they don’t have a funnel in place that constantly grows their audience while pitching their product.Basically, you’re shouting to an empty room. Or whispering at a busy subway platform.A Flexible Funnel™, customized to you and your goals can fix both of these issues.No need to buy some new guru’s $2,000 course on yet another marketing tactic they’ve only used once and can’t teach well because it doesn’t apply to you. Do tell.What a Flexible Funnel means for you.pngRegina-and-Allie.pngRegina and Allie here. We use the Flexible Funnel™ system to sell info products such as online yoga courses all the way to products that help people build and self-publish their own workshops, books, and more.Get the breakdown below.pngFlexible Funnel Formula.pngImagine getting all these pieces in place (in 45 days or fewer) so that you’re actually selling your offer. In the Flexible Funnel™ Kit, I’ll not only tell you more about how I used this system recently to get up and running in 11 days (with a sale on the very first day of a personal development product), but I’ll also share how our clients are doing the same. This system works; it’s about filling in each of the 5 layers with the piece that makes the most sense for you.That’s the thing that is wildly different about the sales funnel we will help you set up. We don’t assume your business and goals are the exact same as someone else’s, so we show you how to “choose your own adventure” and fill in each layer with the right pieces for you.Your Flexible Funnel™ Kit lessons and downloads will guide you through 5 key steps:1. Creating your quick win information product and a powerful sales page.Section 1 Includes Video Tutorials and PDF Lessons.pngDuring Step 1 (Section 1):You’ll choose from 1 of 3 main options for your info product. Plus you’ll get a list of 25 more info product types to consider in the future.You will get detailed guidance (lessons, action sheets, and examples) on creating an online bootcamp/workshop, a drip/email course, or a consultation session . . . that people love.You will be taken through examples and guidance on creating a sales page that helps convert people to paying customers.And yes, there are:“Formulas” included for how you might want to set up your online workshop/bootcamp, drip course, or consultation session, so you don’t have to spend time wondering what your product will consist of. Real-life examples of products and sales pages that are working right now in different niches.Step One Preview – Flexible Funnel Kit.pngPart 1 will is available in your dashboard as soon as you join.2. Outlining your sales process into a flexible funnel and compelling sales emails.During Step 2 (Section 2):With examples, clear instructions, worksheets, and lessons, you will choose and set up 1 of 4 main flexible funnels to sell your information product. You’ll understand what the best options are for your specific product and business.You will learn about the 15 types of sales emails and learn how to create an educational sales sequence that people will receive after signing up for your free sample.And yes, there are: Pre-outlined email sequences, so that you don’t have to wonder how many sales emails to send or what they should include.Step Two Preview – Flexible Funnel Kit.pngPart 2 is available in your dashboard as soon as you join.3. Creating a “sample” offer and epic landing page & thank you page for that sample.If the flexible funnel that works best for you includes offering a free sample to entice people to sign up for your email list, then this section is for you. You will be taken through how to create quizzes, challenges/detoxes, and mini-workshops like “lunch and learns” to draw in the right people.You will learn how to set up a compelling landing page for your free sample that converts epically; you will also learn how to create thank you pages that actually help you sell your info product. Yes, the thank you page for your free sample can help you make money and delight your new audience member at the same time.We will also help you know when to use paid samples vs. free samples and give you ideas for how to get paid while building your email/interest list.And yes, there are: Examples and detailed copy/messaging ideas to help you create the best landing pages possible.Step Three Preview – Flexible Funnel Kit.pngPart 3 is available as soon as you join us below.4. Adding the right people to your funnel consistently in one of a few smart ways.Instead of switching gears every few days/weeks (and getting nowhere ), you will be guided through 3 amazing ways to consistently build an audience for your product and funnel. We’ll also share 20+ other audience growth strategies.You will learn an insanely smart approach to ads (on a budget) and free actions you can take daily on platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn, so that you are building an audience from scratch.And yes, there are: Real-life case studies, screenshots, and examples that you can dive into as you tailor these smart strategies to your specific business.Step Four Preview – Flexible Funnel Kit.pngPart 4 is available in your dashboard as soon as you join.5. Using a sales surge event to help you convert the people who didn’t already purchase your offer.Your flexible funnel is set up to make sales of your offer “on autopilot” . . . however, you may want to set up a specific sales surge event (such as a training webinar or targeted email series) to help you convert the people who didn’t already purchase your offer inside your funnel.You will be guided through the structure of a smart sales webinar; you will also go through the process of setting up an epic email sequence to convert people to paying customers.And yes, there are: Step-by-step instructions on creating a compelling pitch inside your email sequence or webinar.Step Five Preview – Flexible Funnel Kit.pngPart 5 is available as soon as you join us below.Set up your simple and customized sales system before the new year. Normally $397.Claim Your Flexible Funnel™ Kit for only $289!The simple question is: Do you owe it to your big idea and future customers to set up a funnel that actually works?As soon as you press the button above:FFK Purchase Logistics.pngIf you join the Flexible Funnel™ Kit today, you’ll also get access to:The 2-Week Purposeful List-Building Sprint (January 18 – 31)Bonus List-Building Sprint.pngWho this is not for: People who are already making their ideal income (consistently) from their existing sales funnel. People who exclusively sell physical products. (So: We love you if you have an online shop selling handmade spa products or t-shirts, but the Flexible Funnel™ Kit is best suited for consultants, coaches, freelancers, and authors who want to create helpful info products).Those who currently completely outsource their sales funnels and are happy with the way the funnels are performing. People who are interested in only taking the lessons, but aren’t interested in doing the work to put a repeatable system (of creating income from info products consistently) in place.But, this is for you if: You’re tired of getting “free-zoned” and want to build an audience who actually buys your offer. You already decided that in the next couple months to a year, you want to (finally) get your sales funnel working like an engine, so that you have a baseline of income worth celebrating over . You like the idea of following and customizing your own info product business roadmap and daily/weekly/monthly activities. You’d like the 5 layers of a flexible and smart funnel categorized and easy to follow so you can stay focused . . . and never have to wonder what you should be working on as you validate and sell your info product.The-Flexible-Funnel-Kit-Preview.jpgThe regular price of $397 is not a random number pulled out of the sky. If you do the work inside your Flexible Funnel™ Kit, you will leave with:An epic quick win information product you’re proud to sell (even if it’s a little scary to launch it at first)A smart sales page designed for the way people think when buying information, so you can convert & delight more peopleA customized plan of how you will find and directly engage your ideal customers for free -and/or- how you will use budget-friendly ads to target and attract peopleAn exact outline of a flexible funnel that works best for you, your business, and your potential customers; plus a savvy email sequence that helps you make salesAn optimized landing page and free sample offer to help grow your email list and product interest listA training webinar or email sequence that serves as your sales surge event; . . . and so much moreClaim Your Flexible Funnel™ Kit for only $289!Meet your Flexible Funnel™ Kit hosts.The people behind beta & beyond.MEET REGINAMeet-Regina-from-beta-and-beyond.jpgRegina here. I want to help you build and grow your full-time information business so that you have time and money for family, for other creative projects, and for travel . . . or anything else on your menu.Teaching online and using social media strategically has helped me generate more than $1M in revenue in my first few years selling online, so Allie and I have developed templates and processes (based on what we do that works) to help you avoid common mistakes. We want you to enjoy your business, enjoy your customers, and make major profits.A bit about me?I have been writing, growing online communities, and selling products and services online since 2008. I’m an author, a yoga teacher, and an outgoing introvert.I have written for, or been featured in, publications such as Fast Company and Entrepreneur, and events such as Teachable’s annual online conference and ConvertKit’s IRL (in real life) yearly conference.P.S. I went to school and studied business at some point (we don’t have to talk about how deep I am into my 30s, okay? ), and have started/run countless in-person and online businesses since then. I chronicle my business journeys, share case studies, and more on my @byReginaTV Instagram. P.P.S. In recent years, I have built an email list of about 50,000 people, two online schools (one with 14,000 and one with 10,000 students), and a Facebook Group with over 10,000 amazing business humans.P.P.P.S. I’m based in New York City. Formerly Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Formerly formerly, Austin, Texas. But wherever I go, I have a penchant for horrible accents and lots of vegan tacos.P.P.P.P.S. I run a profitable health and wellness website, clearandwell.com as well as teach yoga for personal development online. I’m also a certified kettlebell specialist, certified boxing for fitness instructor, registered yoga teacher, & I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. MEET ALLIEMeet-Allie-from-beta-and-beyond.jpegAllie reporting for duty. I want to help you communicate with your audience so you can take the struggle out of your sales and marketing.My track record includes building influential Instagram accounts in a wide variety of niches and building a profitable freelance copywriting business (as well as running the operations of multiple six-figure online businesses). I’ve been consulting with entrepreneurs on copywriting, messaging, and visuals for the last 6 years and before that, I worked with Hewlett Packard’s Global Content/Product Data Marketing.Favorite activities include: troubleshooting lackluster lead magnets (a.k.a. free samples), mending broken landing pages, and rescuing non-converting sales pages so that businesses don’t lose the opportunity of getting the attention of their ideal clients, making the sale, and creating a bigger impact.P.S. I studied Literature and Writing Studies in college and then went on to earn a Masters of Science in Organizational and Workplace Learning (the art of instructional design and performance improvement in the workplace) from the College of Engineering and graduated as the Outstanding Graduate. From presenting research at a university in South Korea, to being published in the Encyclopedia of Distance Learning and other academic publications, I got my nerd on.P.P.S. After using what I’ve learned from building over a dozen business Instagram accounts (and consulting on dozens more), I took my photography hobby pro. I participate on Unsplash.com where my work has been viewed well over 100 million times with close to 500,000 downloads. (Pssst. You can find me sharing travel photography on Instagram here or sharing copywriting and online business tips here.)P.P.P.S. I’m also a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and can often be found on a spin bike at dark-thirty o’clock.To sum it all up:Isn’t it time you and your business had a quick win? With our 5-step process and sales funnel kit, you can “choose your own adventure” and fast track your info product creation and sales. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tutorials and content online, you’ll love that we’ve specifically designed the Flexible Funnel™ Kit to help you avoid overwhelm so you can focus on your own customized plan. It is time to stop overthinking what you’re going to offer, and instead, finally get your ideas out into the world (plus: actually get paid for them). The special pricing below is going away soon.

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

How and when will I receive the product?
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The course is 100% completed and updated (includes ALL videos, pdfs, files, screenshots, everything); after you pay, you get a link to download the course Immediately.

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We will send you a full refund if you don’t get the complete course you ordered and we can’t solve the problem in the following 24 hours. Please get in touch with us if you want a refund. Your refund request will be processed within 24 hours

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