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​VIP DISCOUNT PAGE – PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS URLHarmon BrothersLast year, we tested into a video ad format for Facebook that has now driven over $14 million in sales for our clients. The best part? These ads are so simple, you can make them for as little as $100-$200 in a couple of days.Watch the first module FREE below:  Click PLAY above to start watching FREE.Don’t waste your ad budget guessing.Create EASY ads that bring in more sales–without blowing your budget.Easy Ads That Sell ChallengeLearn the 15 Ads That Will Change Your Marketing ForeverEasy Ads That SellJOIN THE CHALLENGE NOW!INSTANT, LIFETIME ACCESSWe know not everyone has hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in an ad campaign, at least not at first.And, for those who do have that kind of budget … no one wants to waste money guessing on which ads will work and which won’t.The Easy Ads that Sell Challenge will walk you step-by-step through creating 15 simple, tested ad formats that have driven over $14 million in sales for HB clients. You can make each of these ads in just a couple of days, for as little as $200. You can make some of these ads FROM YOUR COUCH with footage you already have. We’ve already spent MILLIONS testing each one of these 15 ad formats, so you don’t have to.JOIN THE CHALLENGE NOWINSTANT + LIFETIME ACCESSLet’s do this together … Seriously, together.When you join the Challenge you’ll get:Over 10 hours of focused instruction from Creative Directors Jonny Vance & Shane Rickard17 Workbooks and the research & design principles with templates, formulas, and examples for each of the 15 ad types we coverLifetime video-on-demand access to refer back to any ad type at any time, never expiresThe Easy Ads that Sell Challenge isn’t just some course that you try to figure out on your own, watching pre-recorded videos, reading long pages of text, and ending up with more questions than answers.This is an in-depth, 5 session training where you’ll work on your ads with Harmon Brothers alongside you the whole way.You’ll get over 10 hours of instruction from Daniel Harmon, Jonny Vance, and Shane Rickard, as they help you create ads that work and answer  questions that previous students have had in their Q&A sessions when the course was held live.The ad formats you’ll learn in Easy Ads that Sell ACTUALLY WORK …whether you’re a brand new startup, or a huge multi-million dollar company.Our ads have helped transform small startups into household names – brands like:Client LogosAnd they’ve helped already-successful companies grow bigger.These ads are generating big profits for our clients, and we’ll walk you through the exact same process!What if after a week in the Easy Ads that Sell Challenge, you had already created a simple, inexpensive ad that drove $10k more per week for your business?Better yet, what if you made 5 of those ads and brought in an extra 50k a week?Of course, your results will depend on your product, your offer, and the time and effort you put in, but making thousands of extra dollars a week is definitely possible with these ads.In the last seven days, these 15 simple ad formats ALONE have driven over $92,000 for our clients. What are you waiting for? JOIN THE CHALLENGE NOWINSTANT LIFETIME ACCESSReady to work with Harmon Brothers to create your own Easy Ads that Sell?WHENAT YOUR OWN PACE    18 Individual one-hour or less sessions, that you can digest at your own pace—no waiting for the next section, it’s all instantly available for you to get the exact info you need NOW. WHERESTREAMING ONLINE    Join live from anywhere watch the videos on demand no matter your location or schedule.    Lifetime access to all sessions.    Over 10 hours of Instruction from Daniel Harmon, Jonny Vance, and Shane Rickard, including extensive breakdowns of 15 “Easy Ads that Sell”        Value: $1,997    The “Easy Ads that Sell Workbooks,” packed with hands-on exercises to guide you through creating 15 sales ads, step-by-step, from research to completion.       Value: $297    BONUS #1: Harmon Brothers’ Personal Library of over 200 killer ads These are ads we’ve collected over the past 2 years and the same ones we use internally to inform our our own Easy Ads.        Value: $199    BONUS #2: “How to Ad-Hack Your Competitors” Training. You’ll find out exactly how to see what’s working for others, and then do it better.        Value: $149    Lifetime Access to the Recordings. Refer back to the course anytime you need to, no need to worry about the content disappearing from your portal.        Value: $199TOTAL VALUE: $2,841YOUR PRICE: ONLY $297 $247JOIN THE CHALLENGE NOWINSTANT LIFETIME ACCESSTHIS COURSE IS FOR YOU IF…    You have a product or service to advertise (yours or your clients), and you want to create simple, low-cost ads that actually work.    You want to test your ideas, before spending big money for a full-scale, branded ad    You want a quick and inexpensive way to bring in some sales, so you can scale your business and increase your marketing budget over time    You’re willing to put in some work – these ads are EASY compared to other ad types, but they don’t create themselves … the good news is, you probably already have most of what you need to create them.    You’re ready to get started TODAY!THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR YOU IF…    You don’t want to create ads yourself. This is a DIY course that will help you create some quick wins. For the full-service experience, fill out this form to chat with the HB team. We’d love to create some ads for you.    You already have too many customers and too many sales. Success can be rough, right?    You came to this page looking for restaurant delivery (Sorry, that’s the wrong kind of EATS. These EATS stand for ‘Easy Ads That Sell’).    You already know exactly what works and doesn’t work for your audience, and you’re already doing it. Great! (But we still think there are things to learn about ever-changing markets and platforms).JOIN THE “EASY ADS THAT SELL CHALLENGE” TODAYItemPriceHB EATS Challenge – VIP $50 OFFContact InfoBilling InfoCredit Card Number:Exp:CVC Code:JOIN THE CHALLENGECredit Card PaymentComodo Trusted Site SealYour Purchase Is SafeEasy Ads That SellHere’s What You’re Going to Get    Over 10 Hours of extensive breakdowns for 15 “Easy Ads that Sell.”     The “Easy Ads that Sell” Workbooks break down exactly how to make 15 of our time- (and money) tested sales ads. Step by step instruction through the process from research to design to completion, with exercises to guide you from start to finish.    Access to our Killer Ad Library:  over 200 killer ads we’ve collected over 2 years that we use internally to inform our our own easy ads.    Access to our Competitor Ad-hacking Process. Use the same method we do to see what’s working for your competitors, then do it better.Total Value $2,841Your Investment Only: $297 $247Andy Dwyer WowFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSQ: Will this teach me how to write funny ads?A: No, not really. The EATS Live Challenge is focused on helping you to create easy ads (as in ads that take very little script writing and require no jokes) to nail your messaging and rack up sales. We have other courses that go into comedy, script writing, etc. if you’re in to that sort of thing.Q: How much is the course? A: For a limited time, this course is $297. If that feels like a big investment, it probably isn’t for you. This was designed for advertisers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to help them learn tools of creating low-barrier-to-enrty ads that produce results. If you follow the principles and formats we teach, your work should* easily pay many times the price of the Challenge.* This is not a guarantee and your results will vary depending on your experience, your product, market conditions and other factors outside of our control.Q: How is this different from your 14 Day Script Challenge? A: The Easy Ads That Sell Challenge is focused on teaching the 15 ad formats that we use for products and services to create and test simple ads that sell. In most cases, no script is required and these ads can be created with b-roll, user generated content, or content you already have. The 14 Day Script Challenge is designed to help you write a sales script for a conversion video. Both ad formats play an important role in a well-rounded marketing strategy.Q: Do you offer courses for an entire company? A: Great question. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to tell us about your specific needs. Q: Why can’t I learn this from your book? A: The book, From Poop to Gold, tells the story of our origins as a company, our 3 Pillars of Creative Success, and the clients that we’ve worked with to overcome obstacles and disrupt the world of advertising. It does not teach about our ad formats or how to create video ads.JOIN THE CHALLENGE NOW!GET INSTANT, LIFETIME ACCESS