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Save 5+ Hours a Week by Automating Your Repetitive Tasks(No Coding Ability Required!)My dad HATES tech.“Brooks, the email deleted. I don’t know how. How do I get it back?”“Brooks, the email sent before I was done. How do I delete it?”Look, I love the guy (obviously). This is just to give you an idea. Needless to say, he’s not a programmer and neither am I.Yet he’s able to spend every day in dad paradise: researching our family genealogy online.How’d he do it?Automation.But it wasn’t easy at first. For him OR me. It took me years of trial and error to figure this stuff out (stuff like automating text so I don’t have to type out my address/phone number/email 20x per day, creating invoices in 2 seconds, and filtering emails).It took diving into overly complicated setup instructions. I’m sure you’ve seen them: random forum posts and articles giving you the 10 “easy” steps to automate XYZ, then you look at it and it’s basically jibberish that you feel like you need a computer science degree to figure out.It all started when I was in a leadership position and to be successful at my job, I needed to support my team and help THEM be successful. A big part of that was quickly accessing information and background info about each client and getting it to my team. All this info was on paper, so I decided to digitize it, but then came the dilemma.How would I digitize hundreds of documents without taking weeks of my life doing the boring, mind-numbing task of scanning, naming, and organizing every single document?My wife and I had just bought our first house, and we were working hard to pay down our mortgage as much as we could before we started our family. Let’s just say that I was extremely motivated to do anything that I could be successful in my career.But digitizing these documents, naming them, organizing them, and working with them was taking WAY too long. I felt like I was spending more time setting this up than I was just having everything on paper. Have you ever felt that way with a new tool you’ve tried out?Then I realized: there are a lot of tools out there that can automate 95% of the manual tasks I was doing. My computer could save me time instead of stealing it.Personal automation was the key to finally freeing up my time.But it was a pain to figure out.I found all these great tools, but man, a lot of them are more complicated than their websites make it look! I’m not a programmer, but I’m pretty technical and even for me, I had to spend a lot of time messing around to get the tools to do what I wanted. They’re not user-friendly for non-programmers like us, and the instructions don’t make sense a lot of the time.But I kept going, and after hours and hours of time, I finally had my perfect automation system set up. I was able to set up automated systems that saved me hours of digging through paper, and I became much more responsive and helpful to my team.As my company was acquired a few times, I had the opportunity to move up through the organization, and was able to travel to special management programs in places like New York and Boston, and I presented automation tips at our client conferences.Now, whenever I run into a challenge, especially a technical challenge, I know there’s a solution — it’s just a matter of figuring out what it is. This project gave me the confidence to do that.I realized I love helping people with technology, and that encouraged me to shift my career to helping others realize that they can be more productive using technology. That led to moving out of corporate and to doing what I love instead of what just paid the bills.Then I successfully taught automation to my dad, and I knew anyone could do it (again, he’s a smart guy — tech’s just not his thing).Now my dad and I are both automation pros. It’s changed our lives.But before I get into the specifics and all the scripts we use, I want to ask you something:Does Any of This Sound Like You?1. You know the benefits of automation but haven’t set it up yet.2. You’ve tried automation and even checked out a couple tools like TextExpander or Hazel, but when you tried initial setup, you got overwhelmed.3. You’ve tried to automate your workflow in the past, but you found that trying to set up the automation program took you longer than it would have just to do it manually. You’d like to automate, but you’ve been afraid to try again.If any of that sounds like you, then I’m guessing one of these is true:1. You don’t know where to start with automation, and you don’t want to waste time on automation that takes longer than doing it manually.2. You don’t know if automation will work for you.3. You’re not technical (as one of our clients said, “Coding and scripts scare me, I don’t even know what they are.”)There’s a reason you’re stuck, and it’s not your fault. You’re not alone.Why You Haven’t Been Able to Automate (It’s Not Your Fault)You’ve probably blamed yourself for not being able to figure automation out, but the truth is that it’s not easy. There are 3 main reasons people can’t automate:1. Confusing InstructionsThe software tools don’t have great phone or chat support available (if they have support at all), and the instructions you find online are confusing for non-programmers. The people who write articles and forum posts about automation tend to be highly technical and don’t break it down so non-programmers can understand.They assume a prior level of tech knowledge that you don’t have. As one client said:“My biggest frustration is that I don’t understand the jargon or technical wording to set up an automation system — I lack the basics. I would love to set up a text automator or Alfred but I just don’t understand the directions. I have tried setting up workflows and can’t quite get them to work because I really lack the basic computer knowledge. I find it difficult to find the time to teach myself the basics.”Plus, it seems like you need so many different programs to automate all the different things you have to keep track of, so automation seems time-consuming and confusing.And because the instructions are confusing, you’re not 100% sure you set it up right, so you end up double checking everything…which ADDS time instead of saving it.You worry that to really get it right, you’ll have to buy a book or read a manual before you can use a tool. And there are SO many tools out there. Who has the time to read that many manuals? Which brings me to my next point…2. Lack of TimeFinding out what you need to do with which tool takes too much time to figure out, and you’re afraid of the big learning curve to get started. As one client said:“My biggest challenge is finding the time to set up and learn the automation techniques. I am SO busy growing my businesses that the automation tasks have a tough time breaking into my priority list.”And if you’re REALLY busy, the amount of time you spend on repetitive tasks doesn’t leave you time to set up the automation you need!But you ask yourself: is it worth spending hours on research and setup to possibly get nowhere?3. Automation Seems Cool but Not HelpfulTo be honest, a lot of the nerd-hype around automation can seem overblown. One of our clients said:“I’m not doing a lot of automation, as I don’t see a lot of real time-saving opportunities to automate. I’ve checked IFTTT, Zapier, etc. but the feeling I get is that most applets are cool but not really helpful.”What if you spend a lot of time getting something to function the way you want it to, and then there isn’t adequate ROI for that type of task?So you connect two apps with Zapier and that saves you a couple seconds…so what?As another client wrote us: “I haven’t found an area where automation can help me. And the apps that are available for automation all seem too complicated and come with little to no instruction.”Why People Fail at AutomationTo boil it down: automation is confusing, time consuming, and seems like it might not be worth the effort.To take a non-computer example to prove the point, one client said:“My Roomba. Works great, except when it doesn’t. Then I need to prioritize time (which means something else does not get done) to sit down, troubleshoot, watch YouTube videos, and clean/fix it. At that point, it is quicker and easier to just pull out the vacuum and do the work manually.”Imagine Automation That Saves You 5+ Hours a Week, with Zero Effort or Technical SkillImagine never doing a repetitive task on your computer or phone again.Invoices…Emails…Downloads…Typing your email address, phone number, or mailing address…Answering a frequently asked client question…Entering information into contracts…Creating expense requests and submitting expenses for reimbursements…ALL of it happens in less than a second. Effortlessly. And you did zero coding or setup yourself. It was all just taken care of. It all works flawlessly, so you never have to check it to be sure it worked.You save 5+ hours a week, getting 250 hours a year of your life back. That’s over 10 days of your life!What would you do with an extra hour every workday?Finish work one hour early every day?Spend an hour every morning working on a passion project?Devote an hour every day to reading, meditation, prayer, or exercise?An extra hour a day is a life changer. I know, because I have it. And so does my dad: the least tech-savvy person on the planet.That’s why I’m so excited to show you how to get that: automation that works — effortlessly.Introducing Automation Academy:Your Path to Saving 5+ Hours Per WeekThe Asian Efficiency team and I have created an online course + automations that you can download and use with just a couple clicks (and no technical setup!).Imagine being able to deal with email in just 30 minutes a day. Or creating contracts, reports, and documents in just a few clicks.Anything you do daily, weekly, and monthly can be automated.It’s all possible. And what’s even better: you can do it with tools that are built into your Mac or PC. Yep! They’re right there in your computer, but no one ever showed you how to use them…until now.Everything You’ll Get to Save 5+ Hours Per WeekHere’s everything you’ll get to save 5+ hours per week.You’ll get plug-and-play automation scripts that you can download and use with just a couple clicks (and zero technical setup or coding skills). These scripts will:Automatically download email attachments and — based on the type of file — take different actions, so you can sort everything where it needs to go without having to read every single email as it comes inScan documents and have them automatically filed into folders, so the info is there when you need it with zero effortAutomating how to deal with emails quickly, so you maintain Inbox Zero in only 30 minutes a dayAutomate repetitive finance + bookkeeping tasks, so taxes and bookkeeping become smooth and hassle free, and your time is freed up for more important stuffExtract information from a file, so you don’t have to waste time hunting it downSort, file, and rename scanned documents (PDF), like hand written notes or hand written notes on printed emails. Save those important documents without having to hang onto documents forever! You could even use this for greeting cards and personal lettersAutomate how your downloaded files get dealt with, so they’re sent to the correct place and then deleted from the downloads folderPay bills automatically every month without ever worrying about being a day late againKeep up with the on-going and monthly recording of various home-related accounts: utilities, credit cards, cable bill (split amongst business and personal internet, phone, and media), tracking of business mileage, etc. Simplify the record keeping and eliminate paper through automationColor code old files in your downloads folder, so you can easily tell what’s newMove iPhone/iPad photos from Airdrop to desktop folder, so all your photos are in one place and you don’t have to look on different devices and social media accounts to find themRename bank statements and move them to your finance folder, just in case you ever need them laterRename invoices and move them to an invoices folder, so you can quickly and easily bill clientsShare screenshots and videos with people without uploading anythingMove stuff from your desktop/downloads folder to elsewhere, so it stays organized and you know where stuff isHave journal templates created automatically every day, so there’s zero friction when you sit down to journal. Your template prompts you, so you stick to your daily journaling ritualDo your weekly review much easier, because the template is auto-generated at the day and time you want, every single weekDelete emails automatically if they’re from a specified sender and a certain number of days have gone by (Outlook and Gmail)Control and track several versions of the same files without getting confused and accidentally wasting time by working on the wrong oneThese workflows and scripts took Thanh, me, and the rest of the Asian Efficiency team YEARS to build organically over time. But you can get it all right now — with zero coding or technical setup.TrainingWe’re also going to teach you how to set up any additional automations you want, so you have the skill yourself and can custom-build your own, advanced system.If you want to stick with just the plug-and-play scripts we give you, that’s great — they cover all the most commonly requested automations we’ve ever gotten. But if you want to go ninja on your automation and save even more time, we show you how to do that, too (with zero coding skill).Automation Tools Checklist + Discount CodesYou can use all the automations we give you in this course using the tools built into your Mac or PC (as well as your phone), but if you want to get additional nice-to-have features, we have a checklist of tools that we personally use. This will let you know which tools are worth it, so you don’t have to waste your time testing a bunch of stuff out.We’ve also negotiated exclusive Automation Academy students-only discounts on these software tools, so you’ll save money when you get them.Case StudiesThe power of automation really comes alive when you see how it works in real people’s lives. So we’ve included 5 case studies of people who’d never automated anything in their lives. We walk you step by step through how they automated tasks to save 5+ hours a week. You’ll see how they did it and how you can, too.Implementation RecordingsYou’ll get access to four recorded implementation calls where we helped Asian Efficiency clients setup advanced workflows. These recordings will show you examples of how others have implemented advanced automations and show you examples that aren’t part of the main course.Get Our Plug-and-Play Scripts NowPricingStandard5 monthly payments of $8915+ Downloadable Plug-and-Play Automation Workflows15 Over-the-Shoulder Training VideosCase Studies and Examples of People Who Automated Their Repetitive TasksAutomation Tools Checklist and Discounts4 Recorded Implementation CallsGet Standard Now (5 * $89)Standard$39915+ Downloadable Plug-and-Play Automation Workflows15 Over-the-Shoulder Training VideosCase Studies and Examples of People Who Automated Their Repetitive TasksAutomation Tools Checklist and Discounts4 Recorded Implementation CallsGet Standard Now ($399)Exclusive Bonus for First 25 New Clients: The Automation Academy Library — to Save You Even More TimeFor the people who are REALLY committed to saving time and efficiency, we have a bonus that will save you even more time. The first 25 people who join Automation Academy will get the Automation Academy Library.In the Library, you’ll get access to advanced and time-saving automation workflows and scripts that we use at Asian Efficiency to save time. These are things we use ourselves (me, Thanh, and the rest of the team) to run our business, manage our personal lives and families, maintain Inbox Zero in 30 minutes a day, and more. This special bonus is not for sale anywhere and it contains information we have never revealed publicly.Zapier WorkflowsTextExpander SnippetsHazel WorkflowsThese plug-and-play workflows and scripts are not found inside the course — this is a special bonus for only the first 25 people who enroll right now.Get Advanced Automations NowTestimonialsI have worked in a windows PC environment for 20+ years and thought that I knew how to use my tools efficiently. Now it feels like I knew nothing. Furthermore I work in a restricted environment where I cannot install programs of my choice.After the first two course videos I learned workflows that directly saved me one work hour per week, and it wasn’t even difficult (and no need of installing special programs). By employing a few additional automation strategies I found an additional hour per week. As a bonus many of the tasks that I do require so much less effort now.This course is great value for money. I am not a high tech guy. My tools should just work with as little maintenance and effort as possible. If this works for me it will work for anybody. I wish that I knew this 10 years ago!Mikael ParssinnenProject ManagerOh my I am obsessed with this course. First, the new keyboard shortcuts and Explorer tricks alone have saved me so much headache from dealing with files I can’t find. I am excited to try this at my home computer too where I use a MacBook Pro. At work I’m limited to Windows so I like that you have a course that addresses both platforms. Most of the things I’ve done so far are on my work computer and luckily I was able to do most things even though we have strict IT policies at our office.Second, your email automations are a game changer. I implemented one of them last year from a podcast episode (the unsubscribe trick) and after seeing a video about more email automations, I’m obsessed trying to get more efficient at email. Since I use Outlook at work and Gmail at home I’m happy to see you have both covered in this course. You guys have really thought through everything!When I think of all the time I’ve saved so far it’s probably close to 2-3 hours a week and I haven’t even implemented everything I wanted yet! That’s really exciting to me. I think my husband will love this course too because he is always bogged down by annoying little things on his computer. I might be able to finally teach him something about computers.Grace WalshCollege ProfessorI first heard about AE back in 2015 and bought the morning routine course. That helped me a lot so I was really excited when I first heard about Automation Academy because I’ve always struggled with automation. I am not technical at all and I feel lots of tools intimidate me. But with my other AE courses I’ve always found them to be simple and easy to go through so I had high expectations for this course.After going through the first few videos I learned so many automation tricks that I never heard of before! I implemented the Saved Searches and that alone will save me an hour a day finding files I need at my accounting firm. The video on Automatically Organizing Your Desktop and Downloads alone was worth the course for me because these two places are always a mess for me.Thanks to these workflows I was able to clear them and keep them organized for two weeks now with almost no effort on my part. It’s magically being organized in the background!! Since I deal with lots of email attachments and different file versions this setup has been so helpful to me. Thank you AE for making this course! I think anyone who is too busy figuring stuff out and just wants proven workflows should get this course. Susan GillmoreAttorneyWhen I first heard about Automation Academy I wasn’t sure if this right for me. I work in corporate America where I cannot install any apps and tools. My background is in liberal arts so I am far from technical which was my reservation if I would get any value from the course. Luckily the course shows you how to automate tasks that don’t require other tools which made me very happy and it was really easy to do! With the few things I’ve learned already I was able to save at least an hour a week (I love the automated file launchers and use them as reminders now for things I need to do like my weekly review and checking email). I still have a few things I want to implement but what I’ve learned so far already has been worth it for me. Thank you Asian Efficiency and the team for creating this course.Xavier MartinezRegional Sales ManagerI love spending my time figuring out our family genealogy. The challenge is that I find myself drenched and overwhelmed by email attachments, images, PDF files and such. Trying to organize everything takes a lot of time and finding records that I need always takes a lot of time on my computer. After watching a few videos of the Automation Academy I was able to learn a few search and organization tricks to help me save time finding what I need. I also implemented a few workflows from the course to help me access files faster and deal with emails more efficiently which I appreciate. Thank you for making this easy for folks like me.Michelle FosterRetiredHow to Save 5+ Hours Per Week Starting TodayAutomation Academy will save you 5 hours a week. That’s 250 hours a year of your life back.And honestly, that’s low-balling it. If you use ALL the scripts we provide, you could easily save 10+ hours a week.Here’s everything you get:15 plug-and-play automation scripts that you can download and use with only a few clicks and zero coding, technical skills, or setupTraining on how to set up your own custom automations beyond what we give youAutomation tools checklist + discount codes5 case studies, so you can get ideas for yourself from seeing how other people did itRecorded coaching calls, so you see real-world examples of people, just like you, implement automation workflows that you can use tooBonus if you’re one of the first 25 to enroll: the Automation Academy Library with our personal workflows and scripts to save you even more timeAll you have to do to join is enroll in the Automation Academy right now for only $399.This one-time investment will get you EVERYTHING listed above, and you can keep it forever.Join Now and Get Your Free BonusWithin 10 minutes of enrolling in the course, you’ll have watched the welcome video, downloaded your first automation, and you’ll already be using it.Exclusive Bonus for the First 100 PeopleWho JoinFor the first 100 people who join the Automation Academy, we’re offering an exclusive bonus. You’ll get access to the Web Automation Masterclass ($199 value).Discover how you can automate all your websites, web apps and productivity apps and make them work together. We cover IFTTT (If This, Then That) and Zapier in more detail and how we use it at Asian Efficiency. We will give you examples and workflows you can use to automate anything you do on the web. This special bonus is only available for the first 100 people who enroll right now.This bonus will be added to your account immediately. If you see this message, that means there are still spots left. After 100 new clients, we will remove this bonus and this message from this page. So enroll now before it’s gone!Get Web Automation BonusIf for any reason at all you’re not happy with the Automation Academy, we offer a…60-day Moneyback GuaranteeGo at your own pace through the course. But if for any reason you want your money back, just email us within the first 60 days, and we’ll give you a prompt, courteous refund. You don’t even have to give us a reason why, and you can download and keep all workflows and scripts — we’re that confident that this course will save you time.Enroll Now with Our Moneyback GuaranteeFrequently Asked QuestionsI am not technical at all. Would this course apply to me?Is this Mac or Windows only?Do I need to buy additional tools to make this course work for me?Click Here To Get StartedI Missed the Chance to Talk with My Grandparents — ForeverQuick note from Thanh, founder and CEO of Asian Efficiency:I speak fluent Dutch and English, but one thing I never learned: Vietnamese. I grew up in the Netherlands and moved to the U.S. as a young adult, but I didn’t grow up hearing Vietnamese around me.This caused me a lot of shame over the years. I love Vietnamese culture and think of myself as Vietnamese-Dutch, so it felt wrong to not speak Vietnamese.But the biggest shame of all was that I could never speak with my grandparents. They didn’t speak Dutch or English, and I didn’t speak Vietnamese. We loved each other and had many special moments together, but there was always this gulf between us. My life in the Netherlands and U.S. was very foreign to them, and I could never truly share my experiences with them the way I wanted to.I always meant to learn Vietnamese, but I never did. And now it’s too late. All of my grandparents have passed away, and I’ll never get that chance back.I never got a chance to talk to them and really get to know them. They lived through events I can only imagine, like the Vietnamese War, and I’ll never know what it was like for them.I live with that regret every day.Why didn’t I learn Vietnamese? I was always busy and didn’t have time.That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching non-technical people how to save 5+ hours a week with automation. Automation’s great, but that’s not what it’s really about.It’s about having time for the most important things in your life. Things you can never buy, because time passes and you can never get it back.Your kids growing up…Weekly date nights with your spouse…Going to that ball game with your dad you’ve been talking about for years…Surprising your mom with a Mother’s Day visit…THAT’S what the Automation Academy is really about. Making sure you don’t end your life with regrets, because your time was taken up with boring, meaningless, manual tasks instead of what matters: family and friends.Don’t wait too long like I did.Enroll in the Automation Academy now and save 5+ hours a week — 250 hours a year — for the rest of your life, so you have time for the real stuff.Save 5+ Hours a Week